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2017-11-04 00:05:10
Essential oils for massage can be effective in preventing many diseases, including muscle aches or mental disorders such as anxiety, depression, stress and simple nervous tension.
Lavender Among all the essential oils for massage, one of the most popular is lavender oil. This essencer is a universal remedy that is used in aromatherapy and massages all over the world. Lavender has been valued for centuries by its healing properties. The beneficial substances contained in it help to alleviate the symptoms of depression, reduce anxiety and stress, especially if you mix lavender oil with other essential oils, such as cedar wood or sage oil. To prepare a mixture of essential oils for a relaxing massage based on lavender, add 5 drops of lavender oil to half a cup of essential oil, which can be grape seed oil or sweet almond oil.

Eucalyptus and peppermint Almost every massage room among essential oils for massage is also eucalyptus butter. This oil is always valued thanks to its antiseptic and antibacterial properties. Eucalyptus oil is widely used in many medicines against colds and influenza because it acts as an expectorant that liquefies sputum and removes irritation from sore throat and coughing. And when used as an essential oil for massage, eucalyptus oil helps to relax tense or sick muscles and joints. Drug products that contain eucalyptus oil also help to relieve arthritic pain, because this oil creates on the skin alternately a cold, warm feeling that diverts a person from pain. Another essential oil for massage is peppermint oil. Substances contained in peppermint have an energy effect — they can increase the mood and increase the concentration of attention during periods of fatigue. A mint can help to cope with stress during mental exhaustion, which means it is a natural choice for a masseur if his client is suffering from tension, stress, or fatigue.
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